Final blog post

Throughout this semester, I have covered the Purdue basketball for my weekly blog for my Com 497 class. It has been a lot of fun. To be able to write — to a certain extent — whatever I wanted on the team was fun and interesting.

It was a rocky road for Purdue this season, and my blog reflected that. A lot of disappointment. Some celebration. As much as I tried to report unbiasedly, I still am a Purdue student, and I still love Purdue basketball. But I think I did fairly well considering.

Next year should be much improved, I truly believe that. With the experience that this year’s freshman have going into next year, plus a group of basically four freshman arriving, there is a lot of talent coming to Purdue. Matt Painter needs to coach this group. If he does, expect to see Purdue make the tournament and be a dangerous team when it gets there.

I will be graduating in a few weeks. I am forever grateful to have attended Purdue University. The only people I can thank for that are my parents. I don’t have a job as of now but I’m going to make it my mission to find one, as I know my parents want only that: A job for me and for me to succeed. For this reason I will not be continuing the blog. I need to concentrate on other things. It has been a lot of fun serving to you readers — the few out there — and I really appreciate it.

Boiler Up!


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