Soundslides project: The Black Cultural Center

Yes, yes, I know. This is a Purdue basketball blog. But since the season ended a while ago, a few weeks later than most fans wanted, I had to think of an event/topic to cover for my end of the year project.

I decided to do mine on the Black Cultural Center. Throughout my five years here — yes, five years — I have visited the center quite regularly. But I did it to get school work done in the lab that they have, the nearest lab to where I live. So, I thought it would interesting to find out what the Black Cultural Center is all about. I found out a lot that’s for sure. Some of the history of the BCC was very interesting and something I never really thought about. The people that worked there were extremely kind and helpful.

Here is the video below. Click on the caption tab in the bottom right corner to get some extra interesting information.


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