Previewing the summer: What it means for Purdue basketball

I have tried to research the exact schedule for this Purdue basketball team for the summer but haven’t found too much. I believe most of the team goes on their own for some of the summer and then reconvene at a later date (not exactly sure when, though).

I do know, however, that teams are limited to the number of hours and practices they hold, whether it be in-season or out. I did talk to incoming commit Basil Smotherman the other day, and he said that he will be arriving on campus around June 15.

In previous years during the summer D.J. Byrd worked out with former Purdue superstar Rick Mount in his his driveway one summer and got tips from him. There are a lot of expectations for next season, and it all starts this summer for the players. Whether they want to put the work in and get better or not will be answered next fall sometime.

Remember, Purdue traveled to Italy last summer, something that happens about once every four years. That was supposed to have proved beneficial with all the young players that came in a season ago. From the record it posted to finish out the year it doesn’t appear that it did help, but who knows? Next season, three new players will arrive but won’t experience the same bonding experience that the soon-to-be sophomore class did.

Not sure if that will be an issue, but it is something to keep an eye on.

I’d expect several of the players to get a lot of shots up this summer as it has been beaten to death that last year’s team severely lacked in its ability from the perimeter. I’d also expect a player like Rapheal Davis to improve significantly from this summer to next fall. He has the DNA of a hard-working individual, and I think it pays off going into next season.

One more thing to add: If you’re a Purdue fan, have a child that plays basketball, or live in the area, there are several camps that are available over the summer. Read here for more information.


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