Johnson to transfer

johnsonmarciusJacob LawsonAnthony Johnson’s transfer, which was announced Monday, brings the total number of transfers this spring to three, after Sandi Marcius and Jacob Lawson have also been granted their release.

These three are not the most important players for Purdue, but the depth that it loses from the three leaving is a huge concern.

Playing in the Big Ten, players suffer severe amounts of injuries and abuse from the physical play throughout the year. The five or six minutes rest that a player like A.J. Hammons could have gotten from Marcius is invaluable. Travis Carroll will probably fill that void now, but the more bodies you can have, the better. Same can be said for a player like Terone Johnson being spelled by Anthony Johnson.

After any losing season there is going be disappointment and players are going to be mad. Transfers happen, it’s part of the college basketball landscape. Purdue still has its core intact, though, and the future for Purdue appears to be bright.

Expect Purdue to make a push for a fifth year player from another school to transfer and be allowed to come in right away and play. Purdue is looking for a shooter and probably a big man.


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