Next year’s freshman class

Last week I talked about next year’s team and some of the expectations. Here is an article from Gold & Illustrated, one of the best publications to cover Purdue athletics, and what they think about the incoming freshmen specifically.

I agree with a lot that is said in this projection for each freshman and what they can do next year. Bryson Scott brings an intensity that will change the dynamic of this Purdue team. Scott doesn’t like to lose — and he surely doesn’t like to lose a spot to a player on the team that he thinks he is better than. Competition within the team could prove huge next season.

Basil Smotherman is a wildcard like Gold & Black says. He is very athletic. Purdue doesn’t have a lot of those players and the ones that it does have, Jacob Lawson for example, haven’t developed yet. We’ll see if Smotherman can make an impact.

Stephens is a great shooter, I agree with what they say there. I would say to the questions section that he will more than likely be 100 percent well in time before Purdue starts its regular season. I believe that he needs to, while getting healthier, improve his strength as a player. Coming into college, Stephens needs to learn to play more physical, especially in the Big Ten. If he wants to do that, he needs to put on more muscle and mass.


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