Video project

With the basketball season over for Purdue, there wasn’t an “event” that directly pertained to my beat. I decided to cover both bases of my beat for this assignment, Purdue and basketball. The event that I attended was at the France A. Cordova Recreational Sports Center. I watched Purdue students play basketball at the new facility, and it was a lot of fun. Purdue freshman center A.J. Hammons was there looking on, as well. Basketball at the Co Rec can get pretty intense as I have noticed throughout my time here at Purdue, but sitting sideline and shooting video was something different. This was shot at the Gold & Black Gym on level one of the facility.

As I have interviewed a lot of Purdue students about Purdue basketball this year, I decided to do my interview away from the court. So I split my event into two parts you could say. Since my beat is Purdue basketball and I wanted to get some insight about next year’s team from a maybe more credible source than just a regular student, I interviewed Colin Mairet, he is one of the assistant sports editors at The Exponent and has followed Purdue basketball for a while, and it’s his job to follow the team. He talked about graduating senior D.J. Byrd and his impact of leaving, next year’s possible lineup, expectations and the incoming freshman that will be arriving.


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