Interview with Purdue Student about college basketball

I interviewed Dylan Rudolph, a junior student here at Purdue, about the NCAA tournament so far and a little bit about Purdue basketball.

Q: Have you enjoyed the tournament?

Rudolph: Yeah, I have. I always enjoy this time of year when it comes to college basketball. The amount of upsets that happen are always interesting. This year you got Florida Gulf Coast and some other teams so that’s really cool.

Q: What’s been your favorite game?

Rudolph: I liked the Wichita State and Gonzaga game. Obviously, Gonzaga was the No.1 seed and they went down. The game went back and forth and had a lot of suspense at the end, which was cool.

Q: Who do you have winning it all?

Rudolph: I still have my championship team, Michigan, in it. Other than that, my bracket is completely busted. I had Wisconsin and Georgetown in my elite 8. Not good.

Q: Give us your take on the Purdue season and the decision to play in the CBI?

Rudolph: This year was disappointing, no doubt about it. A lot of people were predicting this team to make the tournament prior to the season beginning. We lost Hummel, (Lewis Jackson) and Ryne Smith, so there were a lot of holes to fill. We just had too much youth and immaturity this season.  I think we’ll continue to get better next year and hopefully make the tournament. As far as the CBI, I thought it was good for them to get the experience, even if it was a couple games. That goes a long way. I hadn’t even heard of the tournament before Purdue decided to play.


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