Purdue marks first Big Ten team to play in CBI

It was announced on Sunday night that the Purdue Boilermakers would participate in the College Basketball Invitational, a postseason tournament consisting of 16 teams that couldn’t qualify for the NIT or NCAA tournament.

I could get into the fact that Purdue had to basically pay its way into this tournament, but that’s not what I care about as the $35,000 initial payment — plus addition money as a team advances, it appears — is really nothing at all when you think about it, even for Purdue.

A more important debate is what are the benefits of playing in this tournament, a tournament that, for the most part, no one has ever heard of. A tournament that started in 2008 and has never had a Big Ten team participate in it.

My opinion is a little scattered on this to be honest, whether Purdue should play in the CBI or not (it already decided it would, but it’s still interesting to discuss). While I think it is important to play as many games as possible, especially for a young team like Purdue, I also thought it was pretty much time to hang up the sneakers after the 57-55 loss against Nebraska in the first round of the Big Ten Tournament.

What if Purdue loses on Wednesday night at home to Western Illinois? What if Purdue wins the tournament?

Look at both questions, and consider the potential outcomes and the effects. A loss to a team in the Summit League, in the CBI, at home, would be devastating, I think. It would mark the lows of lows in the Matt Painter era and more specifically a year that in many games appeared it couldn’t get any worse. Well, it can with a loss on Wednesday night. A young team like Purdue might struggle to come back from thatNCAA Basketball: Big Ten Tournament-Purdue vs Nebraska. What if they win? Sure, it would give Purdue some momentum going into next season, winning five games, which would put them at another 20-win season. It might improve the togetherness of the team to go through some success like that. The freshman get more games under their belts, which for the most part seems like a positive.

Honestly, I am not really sure. Purdue decided to play, that’s fine. I just wonder what other people are thinking. Leave a comment, I’d like to see what other people are thinking about this whole thing.



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