Tuesday media availability

Today I had the chance to interview three of Purdue’s basketball players along with other media members in Mackey Arena.

A lot of the talk was about Purdue’s 8-day break from its game against Indiana and the next one against Northwestern this Sunday. Some was about what it was like for D.J. Byrd, Rapheal Davis and Ronnie Johnson to experience such a disappointing season, a losing season, for three players that have won most of their basketball careers. Other topics included preparing for Northwestern and the inability to defend like Purdue teams normally do for most of the season.

But most of the questions were centered around where this Purdue team’s mentality and togetherness is as a whole after really getting embarrassed for the last month or so.

Ronnie Johnson’s quote couldn’t have been more telling. When asked about whether the team remained confident even with their struggles, Johnson responded:

“I don’t know,” Johnson said. “… I don’t think so. I think we could have more confidence.”

I remember listening pretty intently when he said that and I was really surprised that he said that. Just the way he said it was even more telling than the actual words. He just looked deflated, tired and mad.


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