Thoughts on the Purdue-Indiana game

Things have gotten pretty bad pretty quick in West Lafayette.

I got to go to Bloomington today for the game; that was a memorable experience. Not just memorable for the lopsided 28-point win by Indiana but for visiting one of more storied arenas in the country. Known as one of the loudest crowds in college basketball, it wasn’t as loud as I thought it would be, but it probably was because of the team they were playing. Not much to get excited about when you know you’re going to win the game before it even starts.

Where does Purdue go from here?

Just a month ago, Purdue had won four of its past five games going into the anticipated matchup with Indiana. Since then, Purdue has lost five of its last six. And not just losing. Getting blown out in a lot of cases.

A telling quote from Matt Painter after the game:

“I just thought that they played harder and you can’t coach effort at times. When you get a young team and you talk about it, you have to play hard every single night and you have to be focused.”

Effort seems to be a the core of Purdue’s problems. I agree with Painter that it ultimately falls on the players to play hard; he can only do so much.

It can only go up from here for Purdue, right?


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