Did he want to come to Purdue after all?

So, after watching the Purdue-Michigan game (which I was supposed to go to but class interfered), I found something that surprised me a little bit – or at least more than the 15-point loss to the No. 2 ranked team in the country. Purdue played well in the first half, but it was pretty obvious that Purdue’s hot shooting – seven-of-13 threes in the first half – was going to be hard to sustain, especially for a Boilermaker team that has struggled shooting for most of the season.

OK, back to what I found interesting. Glenn Robinson III, son of former Purdue great Glenn Robinson – was a late-bloomer in high school. He wasn’t recruited heavily during the middle part of his high school career. He absolutely bursted onto the scene during the late part of his junior year and committed to Michigan. Then, during his senior year, he climbed the rankings even more and became one of the top 30 or so players in his class.

So, why didn’t Purdue recruit him? That’s the question that every Purdue fan is asking. He came on to the scene late so you can’t blame Painter for that. But a lot of people are saying that he never wanted to come to Purdue in the first place. But an Associated Press article on Yahoo! Sports from last night’s game says that may not be true.

Robinson may have wanted to come to Purdue – early on, that is.

”This was just another game for me,” Robinson said. ”It was my dream early on to go to Purdue, but I know that I’m where I am supposed to be. I love Michigan. This is home.”

I thought that was an interesting comment from the freshman and contradicts many reports that he didn’t EVER want to come to Purdue. Glenn Robinson III scored 12 points in Michigan’s 68-53 over Purdue on Thursday night.

Bradley vs. Michigan



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